The Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles To Buy A Duplex

The Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles To Buy A Duplex 

“You ungrateful little brat! Just look at everything you have. When I was your age, we...lived in a duplex! We didn't even have our own house!”  

A great line from Annette Bening’s character, a Realtor, in American Beauty. In Los Angeles, home prices are always going to rise and so are rents. A duplex is something to be proud of owning--if you can get your hands on a good one. 

One of my favorite duplex inspiration stories is Dustin Hoffman. He proudly shares that he grew up in a duplex on Robertson and Olympic. Duplex properties are common all over the US but what’s great about the ones built in Los Angeles is they can be as large as single family homes and sometimes larger. Typically the trophy duplexes in Los Angles are 1920’s Spanish or English, and there are also some that are French, Art Nouveau and even Moorish (stylish and cool) although there are numerically less of those than the Spanish and English. 
Here is a short list of where you will find the best neighborhoods with an abundant supply of beautiful duplexes: 

Top 14 List for Duplex Filled Neighborhoods
Hancock Park 
Miracle Mile 
Beverly Center/Grove 
West Hollywood 
Carthay Circle 
Beverlywood Adjacent 
Longwood Highlands 
Wilshire Vista 
Picfair Village 
Faircrest Heights 
Wilshire Vista Highlands 
South Carthay 
Los Feliz 

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