7 Small Space Design Tricks That will Truly Maximize your Area


If you’ve ever watched an interior design show on HGTV, you may think that these technical wizards know a whole bunch of impossible tricks. The good news is that these aren’t impossible, they’re achieved via pointed and thoughtful placement of furniture, changes to the color scheme of the room and decor, and using everything from optical illusions to shelving to create better space.

We have gathered a list of small space design tricks to truly maximize your area and keep it from feeling busy or cluttered. If you’re trying to make your real estate property look brighter, these tricks will help. There are some basics of interior design to adhere to here, but these tips will certainly help your space pop!

1. Consider Color

When trying to maximize your space you want to avoid dark colors, and this goes double for your paint. Dark colors absorb light and reduce reflection, which makes the room seem smaller. Paint your walls in shades of yellow, white, grey. Depending on your flooring you might want to stick with shades of white so that it makes decorating easier later. White often makes rooms feel more open and modern.

You also need to consider the colors of your decor, furniture, and anything else in the room. You want to focus on neutral colors to reduce a sense of clutter. Keep things open and simple, using neutral tones. If you feel you need a bit of color in the space afterward you can utilize your furniture or decorations such as books, pillows, and plants.

2. Mirror, Mirror

Professional interior designers rely on mirrors because they visually enhance the space and can give a sense of great expansion to a small room. Optical illusions are important in dreary, small spaces, and work very well in spots that get a lot of natural light. Mirrors are best placed opposite windows and behind furniture, or in the darkest corners of the room. You should keep your mirror selection to a minimum.

3. Discreet Decor

Optical illusions are such an important part of small spaces, and the proper decor can be used to trick the eye, even when you’re the one that decorated the room. Long curtains can make the room feel larger. When you implement floor-to-ceiling designs it creates the optical illusion of elongation in any room. Translucent curtains are a good idea as they can enhance your room with an open, airy quality. If you need curtains that block the light, don’t buy dark curtains, instead, buy a solid layer and a transparent layer and hang them together.

Utilize plants. Plants enhance your space with natural serenity and bring life into any room they’re in. Consider houseplants like bonsai, bamboo palm, spider plants, and pothos. If your room doesn’t receive a lot of light, consider low-light plants. You could always put flower bouquets in the smaller room and exchange them whenever you need a new feel or splash of color.

4. Feelin’ Furniture

The furniture of your space should benefit the area. You want to aim for pieces that are simple, such as loveseats and armchairs. If you really look at your space you can efficiently pack in some furniture that will be snug and perfect. 

If you are continuing with the airy feel of your small space, consider some furniture that is both functional and light. Bamboo frames are great and won’t take over the room. There are many different types of designs that can include a variety of different pillows and cushions for the color of the season. Small end tables or footstools are good but consider ones that can fold up or be hidden away to save space. If you can implement furniture with additional surface or table space you may not need a table at all.

5. Use Your Wall Space

Despite knowing better, so many of us don’t properly utilize the biggest space feature in our homes: our walls. If you’re wondering about interior design tricks, this is a big one. Your storage space doesn’t have to exist solely around your feet; shelves are your friends! Shelves can hold books, plants, decor, picture frames, and more! You can even hang shelves at chair level for an additional table or mug space.

6. Light It Up

Utilize your wall when it comes to lighting your small space. You don’t need to clutter your precious table space with lamps when you can hang string lights and wall sconces. You can hang lights at various levels of the room, and remember whatever lighting you add will work with your mirrors and maximize the feeling of the space.

7. Don’t Forget the Floor

You may not have a lot of say on the flooring in your small space, but there are lots of ways to amend this. Rely on rugs that share the design aesthetic and feel of your room. If you’re going for something light and airy and spacious, consider some bamboo flooring that might draw eyes to the floor, increasing the optical illusion. Large rugs can make the room feel bigger. A variety of rugs can increase the feeling of space, especially if they’re the brightest colors in the room.

No matter the space, there are certainly ways to maximize your area. These small space design tricks will work in any house and on any budget, the only thing holding you back is personal creativity. If you’re new to the area (or if your space is similar to your neighbor’s) you could ask what others have done to customize their small space. Whether you’re taking a break from the workday or looking around your room after your children’s dental appointment, you’re bound to notice new ways that you can maximize your space.


Author Bio:

Alison Brown

Alison Brown is the Marketing Strategist at Children’s Dental Fun Zone. She has been inclined towards oral care since her childhood as she comes from a family of dental background. She loves spending time with kids and contributes her insights by writing and promoting informative blogs for families to help them adapt to their new homes and localities without any hurdles.


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